Volunteer Spotlight 

Joshua Querido:  Joshua built the website and helps with techical support, along with many other volunteer hours on special foundation projects.  He attended Hawaii Pacific College. Thank you Josh - We really appreciate your help!

Tamara Ellis: Is a wonderful mother of three who spends many hours volunteering for local schools, wards and local charities such as the Dream-On Foundation. 

Tamara shares her talent of quilting and sewing by making blankets for foster care and needy kids. 
Lee Stoor: Former school teacher of 20 years, now spending his time greeting the many guest at the Zermatt Resort & Spa in Midway, UT.  When looking for a volunteer to hand out blankets and shoes to low income kids at a Headstart school, Lee jumped for the chance of bringing these children the support shown that day.
Soldier Hollow Charter School: Thank you to the many youth and parents at the Soldier Hollow school, who donated over 200 books for foster care and low income children of Utah.  "Kids-Inspiring-Kids"