Rotor crusher

Rotor crusher is also called rotor crusher. It is a kind of equipment with many different names. It is mainly an environmentally friendly mechanical product that processes large, medium and small rotors on the market. This equipment has been used for many years. Won the praise from friends at home and abroad, and it is a continuous technological innovation. There are many types of rotor crushers on sale in China now, which can meet a variety of different production needs.

Rotor crusher category

Rotor crusher product features

1. Simple structure, small size, light weight and large production capacity, so the production cost is low;

2. The feed inlet is large, the crushing cavity is high, and it is suitable for a wide range of materials;

3. The internal gap of the crusher is convenient to adjust, which can effectively control the output particle size, and the crushed particles have a good shape;

4. Anti-shock, anti-wear and high impact force;

5. No key connection, convenient maintenance, economic and reliable;

6. Complete crushing function, high productivity, low wear of machine parts, and high comprehensive benefit;

7. It has a selective crushing effect, and the particle size of the crushed product is relatively uniform.