By the Way... How Do You Compare?
According to IndependentSector.org's "Give 5" campaign, which encourages people to volunteer 5 hours per week: 

Approximately 109 million American adults volunteer annually: that's 56% of all adults. 
Adult volunteers contribute an average of 3.5 hours per week - totaling 19.9 billion hours with an estimated dollar value of $225.9 billion. 
59% of teenagers volunteer an average of 3.5 hours per week: that's 13.3 million volunteers totaling 2.4 billion hours at a total value of $7.7 billion. 
70% of American households make a contribution to one or more charitable organizations. The average gift of contributing households is 2.1% of income. 

Dream-On Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to bringing: Love, Hope, Care and support to the under-privileged, disabled youth, seniors, foster care kids, homeless or ill children as well as those caught in traumatic situations.

In providing:  Teddy Bears, Blankets, Youth Books, Clothes, Hooked-On Phonics, and Food Outreach, to those who sometimes end up places without any of there very own possessions.  The first National "Live-To-Give" Week was February 2001.  And there after during the three week of February. 
Dream-On asks groups and individuals to help with donating funds and the above items so we can continue the spreading of love and to let these abused or abandoned children know other's care and are showing in the month most noted for "Love".

The funds are used to make our well known and very special teddy bear, "Share-A-Bear".  Blankets are made and bought by individuals like you to bring the immediate emotional care needs of the children in these traumatic situations.  Many PTA groups from schools all around run Youth Book drives to gather fun and loving books tobe  donated to the many shelters we work closer with so the mother's or care providers can bring laughter with a story to allow the mind of troubled child run free if only for the time it takes to read a book.

This Live- to-Give month is also to raise awareness of not just our organization but the many that could and would always appreciate your support.  There are so many traumatized youth living among us who rally need over Love, Hope, Care and Support.  This number may shock you but over 800,000 kids are living in foster care of shelters across America.

To date, Dream-On has donated more than 100,000 items to these physically and emotionally neglected youth who are waiting to be whole again shown that someone does care.

Please take the time to join us this February, 1-28th 2014, for another successful Live-To-Give" Month.  Make the month of love your time to bring "Love" to a child in need by becoming a part of the message to share and show these children we care about there well being and America takes care of there children from the heart.

Look over the website and pick your project to run alone or gather up friends, family and co/workers to join our motto "Live-To-Give". Take a look at the volunteer page.


Collect money from friends, family, co/workers and companies you have a contact with to raise money to help Dream-On buy teddy bears, books, blankets and other needs.

Have a party at your home this month and everyone must bring funds, children/teen book, blankets and toys.

Ask your local book story if you can stand out front and tell people about the "Live-To-Give" month and could they donated a children's/teen book or funds to help purchase one.

Have a non-sew blanket party and everyone makes one or more blankets.

Maybe you have business contacts that sell books or blankets?

Ask your local favorite restaurant to donate 20% of sells for one night and you hand out flyers to your neighborhood and co/workers to eat there that night you get the business to cut a check to the Dream-On Foundation. It is great PR for them.

Get your civic groups to make a donation or donate items.

Have a B-day coming up?  Ask your family and friends to make donation to Dream-On in your name.

Contact: Angel McCormick - (206) 579-0505 or e-mail: DOnonprofit@aol.com

Participate in our "Live-To-Give Volunteer-a-Thon

Do YOU want to make a difference?

The "Live-To-Give" Volunteer-A-Thon is a month long event taking place in February (around "Live-To-Give" National Month ) that allows volunteers to act locally and make a national impact.  As an individual, family, or group, you can sign up to volunteer with the participating nonprofit Dream-On Foundation.  At the same time, you fundraise, by soliciting sponsorships, in support of your efforts - much in the same way you would for a walk-a-thon.  Proceeds go to Dream-On and the many wonderful projects and programs it offers.

The Volunteer-a-thon provides an enriching opportunity for parents, teachers, bosses and the youth  to encourage and facilitate volunteering.  Participants helping to serve their community's most pressing need to bring Love, Hope, Care and Support to those in need, while addressing the need to bring back the America of helping the neighbor and being apart of the larger community.

This is the time of year to give from the heart.  By participating in the "Live-To-Give" Volunteer-A-Thon, you can help those in need, spend quality time with family and friends and have something meaningful to share with others.

Inspired by "Live-To-Give" National Month,  the Volunteer-A-Thon is a month long event taking place in February.  As a Volunteer-A-Thon participant, you'll be joining many other loving Americans across the country as they volunteer locally and make a national  impacted.


The volunteers age 1-21 who raise $100 cash will be given a $100 US EE Savings Bond  for every $100 raised.

The top funds raised by an individual will receive (Prize Coming Soon)

The top funds raised by a group will receive (Prize Coming Soon)

How It Works

Step 1:  Sign up and choose from a wide range of volunteer opportunities taking place throughout the month of February.  You can volunteer under anyone of our projects. Sample projects are listed on our website.

Step 2:  Tell your family and friends about your volunteer project (you might find others who want to join you!) and ask them to sponsor you.  You will be given a personal letter telling about the Volunteer-A-Thon to help you fundraise and share the meaning behind such event .

Step 3:  Get out there and take this opportunity to make a difference!   


"Live-to-Give National Month
Soldier Hollow Charter School: School Book Drive
Dream-On Foundation, Inc. - Main Line: 206-579-0505 Email: DOnonprofit@aol.com