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Sample of what one little girl named Haley-Grace made happen.

(This was a letter she and her family e-mailed to friends and family)

Nothing given from the heart is ever lost, for it can always be found in the heart of another!

Dear Friends and Family,

Hello, my name is Angel McCormick and I’m the co-founder of the Dream-On Foundation.  When I was 5-years old, my mother, Marilyn explained to me that every year on my birthday I had to come up with a giving forward gift to help someone in need, just like my mother does for her own birthday every year.  I would start thinking way ahead of my birthday about what to do for someone, usually choosing someone near my age to help, but sometimes I chose seniors or homeless people of all ages.

Five years ago, when my husband Jan and I had our daughter, Haley-Grace, we decided to continue the giving forward family tradition.  When Haley-Grace turned 1-year old, Jan and I contacted our family and friends and asked them to make a donation to the Dream-On Foundation to buy shoes for needy children instead of giving Haley-Grace a present for her first birthday.  It was a great success and Jan and I have chosen one of Dream-On Foundation’s giving forward projects every year to celebrate her birthday. This year Haley-Grace turned 5-years old and being the independent child she is, she wanted to pick her own giving forward project through the Dream-On Foundation.  She wanted to do something “that could make kids feel happy when they’re sad”.

So, Haley-Grace and I have designed a very special teddy bear called “Share-A-Bear” that will be given to children in foster care in Utah, California, Washington, Oregon and other states as the program expands.  Many of these children are ripped away from abusive parents or parents involved in drugs or alcohol overnight without warning and often without toys or clothes other than what they are wearing.  Although many are going to loving homes of foster parents, they feel afraid and very lonely.  Through the Share-A-Bear Program, the Dream-On Foundation will bring hope to foster children by giving them a special Share-A-Bear friend who will always move with them from home to home and be there to soak up their tears of fear and loneliness.

The Dream-On Foundation has many projects to choose from when making your donations, but for this year the McCormick family is inviting you and your corporation to join us in our goal to provide a “Share-A-Bear” to hundreds of children in foster care right here in the US.  Please join us TODAY and start changing lives!  
With just a $10 donation, a Share-A-Bear will be placed in the arms of a frightened, confused child in foster care and be their comfort through their childhood.  Can you still remember how you felt when you hugged that special favorite stuffed animal or a toy car buried under you pillow when you were sad?  I sure can!

Please make a commitment of any size.  Here are some ideas of how you can help:

• A $250 or more donation
• A commitment to send this letter or an email to 10 or more business contacts
• Ask employees where you work to use this program as their holiday giving program
• Put a copy of this request in your corporate newsletter or in your Christmas cards
• Include this letter in the envelopes when you give your bonus checks to your employees

Many Thanks,

Haley-Grace, Angel & Jan McCormick
“The family that makes a difference”

Thank you in advance for giving forward:  Dream-On Foundation,  Email DOnonprofit@aol.com for an email copy of this letter or call: Angel at 206-579-0505.  

Result of Haley-Grace and families effects:  Over 1500 teddy bears were given to the children in foster care and shelters.  Some people get so committed to helping the Dream-On Foundation that it becomes apart of their core importance to help others.

Dream-On appreciates every donor, regardless of the amount they contribute.  Dream-On exists because of generous donors and sponsors and volunteers.  Special thank you those who took part in the Haley-Grace fundraising campaign.

Haley-Grace say's "I will always help the kids who don't have much". 

Angel and Haley Grace McCormick