Dream-On Foundation, Inc. - Main Line: (206) 579-0505 - Email: DOnonprofit@aol.com
Bringing:  LOVE, HOPE, CARE AND SUPPORT TO the under-privileged, foster care, disabled youth, homeless or ill children as well as those caught in traumatic situations

The Dream-On Foundation Youth Book Drive is in collaboration with volunteers, schools, and local businesses. Our organization, provides management and oversight of the program. Businesses, individuals, schools and volunteers help provide books and funding. Community service volunteers help sort books and help deliver books to those in need.

Only 43% of children in the USA can  read at a 4th grade level, I of every 4 recognize letters on their first-day of kindergarten, don’t know yellow from blue, and can’t hold up the right number of fingers when asked their age. It is the under-privileged youth in our communities that seem to be falling behind and we know when you put a book in a hand of a young mind the many doors it can and will open.

We are looking for people like you to help the Dream-On Foundation, buy or collect youth reading books that will be given to children though-out areas of foster care, homeless shelters, low income, ill children and those just caught facing traumatic situations in Utah and Washington and other states as the program expands.  

The Dream-On Foundation has many projects to choose from when making your donations. We are inviting you, to join us in our goal to provide a Youth Book to thousands of children right in your state.  Please join us TODAY and start changing lives!  We hope to bring 1,200 reading books to the needy youth in the year, so jump in and join us in offering Love, Hope, Care, and Support.  We can say we CARE!!!  

Please make a commitment of any size.  Here are some ideas of how you can help children in your community:

•A $5 or more donation for us to buy books

•Organize a group to run a book drive and/or have a party and everyone brings a gently used or new book. 

•A commitment to send this letter or an email to 10 or more business, family or friend contacts.

•Ask employees where you work to use this program as their holiday giving program

•Put a copy of this request in your corporate newsletter or how about adding to every letter and card you send out this year.

•Include this letter in the envelopes when you give your bonus or pay checks to your employees.

•If you’re a teacher make this a class project, collect books, while building the spirit of our motto “Live To Give." TM

•Service clubs, wards, churches, etc… 

Call for where your local drop off will be hosted 206-579-0505.


We have given 700 reading books to date.  As you can see we need your help to reach our goal of 1,200 books for this year.

Soldier Hollow Charter School, Midway, UT : School Book Drive