Through the “Give’N-IN-Love” Blanket Project, the Dream-On Foundation will bring hope to those children caught in traumatic situations. By giving them a special item made or bought with love and care to show these children somebody thought of me. This blanket will always move with them from home to home and be there to soak up their tears of fear and loneliness.

The Dream-On Foundation has many projects to choose from when making your donations, inviting you to join us in our goal to provide a “Give’N-in-Love” Blanket to thousands of children right here in your state.  Please join us TODAY and start changing lives!  We hope to bring 1,000 blankets to the needy youth of UT and WA. Please jump in and join us to bring Love, Hope, Care, and Support.  We can all say we CARE!!!

Please make a commitment of any size.  

Here are some ideas of how you can help:

•A $10 or more donation for us to buy blankets

•Make a blanket, organize a group to make blankets or have a party and everyone brings a newly made or bought blanket. 

•A commitment to send this letter or an email to 10 or more business, family or friend contacts.

•Ask employees where you work to use this program as their holiday giving program.

•Put a copy of this request in your corporate newsletter or how about every letter you send out this year?

•Include this letter in the envelopes when you give your bonus or pay checks to your employees

•If you’re a teacher make this a class project to make or collect blankets building the spirit of our motto "Live To Give" .

•Service clubs, quilting clubs, wards, churches, etc… 

 Blanket Requirements  

A BIG Thank you for your interest in helping the “Give’N-in-LOVE”- Blanket Project.  Here is a list of requirements that any blankets donated  should meet:

     Made from new materials, and bought blankets new please, not used.
     Materials need to be odor-free  (no smells of pets, smoke, strong detergents or fabric softeners).
     Blankets can be “handmade”, and/or store purchased.
     All blankets need to be Machine washable, durable, Non-pilling, Hypo-allergenic and most of all Fire retardant        materials. 
     Child-friendly colors and designs. Unsex colors the best. Red, Blue, Green, Mint, Yellow, white, and Orange.              Etc…. But NO color turned away.
     No embellishments that could pose a choking or strangulation hazard, such as buttons, strings or tassels.
     Minimum size –       24” x 24” (61cm x 61cm) = for premature babies. 100% cotton fabric top with flannel backing, no batting, minimal quilting and no ties.  Blankets for these babies can only be sewn, not knitted or crocheted. All other sizes open to knitted or crocheted, quilted, fleece, knotted, tired etc…

                    Suggested sizes:    36” x 36” (92cm x 92cm) = infant size  
                                                   36” x 44” (92cm x 112cm) = child size
                                                   40” x 60” (102cm x 152cm) = teen size
                                                   50” x 60” (127cm x 152cm) = teen/adult size

These are size suggestions only. 

When you are ready to donate your blanket(s), please contact Marilyn 
Pritchard or Angel McCormick, at (206) 579-0505, to arrange for pick-up
or delivery as needed.
Dream-On Foundation, Inc. - Main Line: (206) 579-0505 - email:

"Give'N-in-Love"- Blanket Project

Bringing:  LOVE, HOPE, CARE AND SUPPORT TO the under-privileged, foster care, disabled youth, homeless or ill children as well as those caught in traumatic situations

On an average 2,700 children were in the foster care system in Utah, 11,000 in CA, 10,000 in WA, and 5,400 in OR. Most children are placed temporarily in foster care due to parental abuse or neglect.

We are looking for kind hearted people like you to help the Dream-On Foundation buy or collect blankets that will be given to children though-out areas of foster care, homeless shelters, low income, ill children and those just caught facing traumatic situations in Utah, California, Washington, Oregon and other states as the program expands.  Many of these children are ripped away from abusive parents or parents involved in drugs or alcohol overnight without warning and often without toys or clothes other than what they are wearing.  Although many are going to loving homes of foster parents, they feel afraid and very lonely.  
   Tamara Ellis: Spotlight Volunteer