Our Motto "Live To Give"

The Dream-On Foundation would like to share it's appreciation to the many individuals, organizations, and corporations who make it possible for the Dream-On Foundation to provide so many successful projects and to be able to offer desperately needed programs to those in need.

It is you, the supporter who provides enriched opportunities for the Dream-On Foundation to build new and better programs for at risk youth and adults.  This non-profit is built by supporters like you who have given time, love, and support, services, aucton items, air-miles, clothing, furniture, cash donations and much more to change lives forever.

We have learned from 21 years of experience that it is important to partner with volunteers, other organizations and businesses to affectively make a difference in our communities.  Thus, over the years we have developed unforgettable relationships with all Dream-On Foundation supporters and as we share the same mission to bring Love, Hope, Care and Support to the under-privileged,disabled youth, foster care, seniors, homeless, sick children and those caught in traumatic situations.

From the board of the Dream-On Foundation, Inc., Thank you for sharing in our motto " Live To Give".