A very giving 5 year old girl named, Haley-Grace (now 11 years old) designed a very special teddy bear called “Share-A-Bear” that will be given to children in foster care in Utah, California, Washington, Oregon and other states as the program expands.  Many of these children are ripped away from abusive parents or parents involved in drugs or alcohol overnight without warning and often without toys or clothes other than what they are wearing.  Although many are going to loving homes of foster parents, they feel afraid and very lonely.  Through the Share-A-Bear Program, the Dream-On Foundation will bring hope to foster children by giving them a special Share-A-Bear friend who will always move with them from home to home and be there to soak up their tears of fear and loneliness.

The Dream-On Foundation has many projects to choose from when making your donations, inviting you and to join us in our goal to provide a “Share-A-Bear” to thousands of children in foster care right here in your state.  Please join us TODAY and start changing lives!  
With just a $10 donation, a Share-A-Bear will be placed in the arms of a frightened, confused child in foster care and be their comfort through their childhood.  Can you still remember how you felt when you hugged that special favorite stuffed animal or a toy car buried under your pillow when you were sad?  I sure can!

With Care,
Angel K. McCormick – President

PS.  Thank you for your support in helping the  Dream-On Foundation, in reaching the goal to provide a Share-A-Bear to over 2000 children. 

Share-A-Bear Program:

Bringing:  LOVE, HOPE, CARE AND SUPPORT, to the under-privileged, foster care, disabled youth, homeless, or ill children as well as those caught in traumatic situations. 

On an average 2,700 children were in the foster care system in Utah, 11,000 in CA, 10,000 in WA, and 5,400 in OR. Most children are placed temporarily in foster care due to parental abuse or neglect.