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Each year in the months of November and December, the Dream-On Foundation holds our positive image drive for clothing, food, stuffed toys, blankets and children’s books. Dream-On Foundation gathers these well needed items for women and children shelters in and around the communities we service, the Christmas Giving Program and other times of need.  

Some special items that are always needed year round:


If you can’t volunteer but you would like to make a donation at any time or you would like more information about this or other Dream-On Foundation projects please contact:  

Angel McCormick, Executive Director
Dream-On Foundation, Inc.
206-579-0505 - DOnonprofit@aol.com

Press Release:
Miss WA USA 1993-94 - Angel Ward (McCormick) Hopes that WA Residents Don't Get Discouraged about the Miss Washington Program From The Press On The Current Miss Washington!

Angel Ward (McCormick) won her title as Miss WA USA 1993-94 and has spent the last 15-yrs as President and Founder of the Dream-On Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization that brings Love, Hope, Care and Support to the under-priviledged, disabled youth, foster care and shelters in the United States each year.  Mrs. McCormick was also awarded the (TOYA), Ten Outstanding Youth of America award during her reign as Miss WA USA for her humanitarian contribution to society.  Martin Luther King, Anthony Robbins, President Kennedy, and Elvis are just a few others who have received the TOYA award.

Angel Ward McCormick stated in a speech Saturday, "Serving a year representing the State of Washington as Miss WA USA allowed me the opportunity to volunteer all over WA and meet so many people who still volunteer with me 15-yrs later helping make a difference.  I hope when people read the paper and Internet about the current Miss Washington (whether true or not), they don't lose sight of the great things that many of us title holders do accomplish and the great role models we are for others as well as our own children." 

Mrs. McCormick, currently a Utah recident, is flying back to her beloved WA this week to coordinate the Dream-On Foundation Children's Slipper Brigade and Share-A-Bear Foster Care Program in collaboration with the Seattle Junior Chamber of Commerce (Seattle Jaycees) on July 16, 2008 at 6:00 P.M. in Seattle.  The Seattle Jaycees won a national award for one of their Dream-On Foundation volunteer projects in 2003 and are always ready to work hand-in-hand together.

Dream-On promotes non-profit groups to work together to meet the needs of the thousands of people who need help in Washington. Dream-On Foundation's Motto is "Live-To-Give".  Each organizaton has a unique mission, but all of us have the same guiding vision to be there to make a difference when society fails someone or when they've lost hope. 

Dream-On and Jaycee volunteers will be sorting and delivering the remaining nearly 2,000 fluffly, bright and cheerie children's slippers to organizations like:  Ronald McDonald House, Children's Hospital, Foster Care Program, Ruth Dykeman, New Futures and local shelters.

Starting at 5-yrs old, Angel was expected to choose a project to help someone in need on or close to her birthday. That family tradition was also passed down to Angel's daugher, Haley-Grace but even at a younger age.   So as her 6th birthday approaches, Haley-Grace will be sorting and packing slippers Wednesday night just like the grown-ups.  Mother and daughter also designed a special teddy bear, called Share-A-Bear to comfort children who have been put into foster care and often feel afraid and lonely.  
Dream-On is working on bringing kids in foster care in WA state a Share-A-Bear, a Blanket and a Book so they have something of their own when coming and going from traumatic situations. Did you know that 300,000 kids enter foster care or shelters in America each year?

"This Miss Washington USA 93-94' makes a difference in the lives of others every single day!  
"Nothing given from the heart is ever lost, for it can always be found in the heart of another." (author unknown)