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Dream-On Foundation: Calendar year starts from May 1, 2013-April 31, 2014 

Dream-On Christmas Giving Program this year was a wonderful success.  Thank you to all you volunteers that helped the Dream-On Foundation provide toys, clothes, toliet paper, food, jewelry and gift certificates to so many families this year.

Volunteer Meeting Schedules will be coming soon:
Call Marilyn at 206-931-3620 if you would like to volunteer in the State of Washington.
Call Angel at 206-579-0505 if you would like to volunteer in the State of Utah.

"Live-To-Give" National Month (Volunteer-A-Thon)
The month of February 2014join us this month in The Dream-On Foundation's Volunteer-A-Thon. see "Live-To-Give National Month, page for details. 

Positive image Clothing Drive
The month of October & November, Each year in the months of October & November, the Dream-On Foundation gathers clothing, shoes and canned food for women and children shelters in and around the communities we service. Your commitment to help make this event a success is welcomed and greatly appreciated. Call Angel McCormick, 206-579-0505 to coordinate for both Washington and Utah. 

Share-A-Bear Project - Details for 2014 coming soon.